Unit for manufacturing bromine from used bromine brines

Location: Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park – Saint-Vulbas (01)
Project Phase: Preliminary Project-Summary studies necessary to determine the amount of investment and obtain operating costs.
Study period: 2 months

Tredi, a company specialising in the treatment of industrial waste, is planning to build a bromine manufacturing unit (Br2, 30,000 t/year) using used bromine brines (sodium bromide and/or potassium bromide in aqueous solutions of varying concentrations.

Project background: Tredi has the technology to extract bromine from brine for lower production and wants to obtain a Capex for 30,000 t/year based on this technology.

Emdelen Mission : 

  • Definition of the block diagram of the unit defining the main functions
    • Used brine disposal area
    • Storage of used and purified brines
    • Static furnace and hardening
    • Oil discharge area and oil storage for furnace combustion
    • Treatment of combustion fumes
    • Bromine extraction and storage
    • Various utilities (Soda, hydrochloric acid, natural gas, compressed air)
  • Development of PDF schemas (Process Flow Diagram) after validation of the block schema
  • Technical specification and consultation of the main packages: static furnace, quenching, smoke treatment and bromine extraction
    • Vertical static brine combustion furnace, dual-fuel natural gas/oil burners 3 MW
    • Smoke quenching system for cooling from 800 °C to 70 °C (graphite quench and water spray)
    • Purification of flue gases by venturi and spray column, devesicator and scrubber with activated carbon filling, extraction of purified bromine brines
    • Bromine extraction columns with steam and chlorine injection
  • Realization of the overall plans of the installations for internal costing of the civil engineering, structural, piping and electrical/instrumentation/automation lots
  • Realization of utility diagrams
  • Establishment of the electrical balance sheet and list of motors
  • Estimate of CAPEX (at +/-25%) and OPEX

Total amount of the project :

Range A < €10 million
Range B: between €10 and €20 million
Range C: between €20 and €50 million
Range D > €50 million

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