Installation of a waste gasification plant and electricity production

Location: Solo, Indonesia
Project phase: Engineering studies
Project duration: 12 months

Context of the project: the city of Solo wanted to recover its waste by producing electricity from a gasification process. EMDELEN’s mission was to design the entire waste treatment chain from the arrival of the collections to energy recovery by integrating waste preparation, gasification process, syngas purification, thermal engines, automatic engine safety chain and all utilities

Key figures: 260000 tonnes/year of waste, recovery of 10 MWe

Studies :

  • Complete design of the “Waste preparation” section
  • Proposal of several technical solutions for the recovery of energy from hot syngas and exhaust gases from internal combustion engines
  • Equipment assessments and sizing
  • 3D design and implementation of the entire plant
  • Drafting of technical specifications for equipment sets (including work)
  • OPEX

Total amount of the project :

Range A < €10 million
Range B: between €10 and €20 million
Range C: between €20 and €50 million
Range D > €50 million

Special note: Integration of an innovative technology for biomass valorisation 

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