Complete project management of a new production line for special glasses

Ceramic glass for cooking hobs

On 1 September 2016, Keraglass, a company specialising in the manufacture of special glass, obtained a building permit for the installation of a third furnace at its industrial site in Bagneaux-sur-Loing (Seine-et-Marne).

This third furnace enabled the company, which manufactures glass for baking trays and, to a marginal extent, glass for fireplace inserts and wood stoves, to increase its production capacity by around 30%.

The works, carried out in a confined space including two lines in operation, involved the deconstruction of an existing old furnace, the rehabilitation of its building, the installation of a new manufacturing line, all utilities, electrical networks and smoke treatment. The commissioning took place at the beginning of 2018.

Location: Bagneaux-sur-Loing FRANCE
Phases : Basic and detailed Design studies, Implementation and commissioning
Project duration : 30 months

Basic and detailed Design studies, Implementation and commissioning

  • Project management
    • Organization and general coordination
    • Budget preparation and monitoring
    • Establishment and follow-up of the planning Study, Supply, Construction and Commissioning
  • Preliminary and detailed studies
    • Site map of the site
    • Overall and sub-set plans of each workshop
    • Civil engineering guide plans, steel structures, equipment
    • Functional analysis of each workshop
    • Balance sheet and process diagram for all fluids
    • Balance sheet and single line electrical diagrams (HV, LV, emergency)
    • Piping studies
    • Study of the finishing work
  • Purchasing assistance
    • Technical specifications
    • Expected performance
    • Meetings with suppliers to explain the consultation file
    • Answers to suppliers during the call for tenders
    • Comparisons of supplier offers
    • Bid alignment meetings
    • Technical assistance to the customer in the choice of supplier
    • Preparation and follow-up of contracts
    • Invoice follow-up
  • Follow-up of the implementation studies of the entire project
    • Verification of supplier calculation notes
    • Verification of supplier plans, implementation studies
    • Synthesis, reassembly of supplier plans
    • Factory acceptance
    • Receipt of software
  • Monitoring of construction and commissioning
    • Interface with the security coordinator
    • Verification of companies’ operating procedures
    • Receipt of site deliveries, warehousing
    • Inter batch coordination meetings
    • Overall physical monitoring of the site, compliance, progress and quality
    • Start-up of the installations
  • CE certification for integration machines
    • New composition workshop
    • New cullet workshop

Total amount of the project : 

Slice A < 10 M€
Slice B : between 10 and 20 M€
Slice C : between 20 and 50 M€
Slice D > 50 M€

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