Preliminary design studies for a new Float Glass for CBVP Groupe Cornelio Brennand

Location : Goiana, BRESIL
Phase : Preliminary summary 
Project duration : 6 months
Float glass : automotive and architectural

For float glass manufacturers, Fives is the largest independent specialist in hot-end and float glass technology. With more than 20 high quality float glass plants in operation worldwide, the total actual production of the Fives float line represents 4 million tonnes of flat glass per year. Fives was selected in August 2011 as an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) contractor for the entire production line, consisting of the composition workshop, melting furnace, tin bath, roller spreader and cutting line.

For this project, FIVES has commissioned EMDELEN to carry out the following studies:

  • General APS
    • Site map of the site
    • Guide plans of all buildings
    • Preliminary assessment and process diagram for all fluids
    • Balance sheet and single line electrical diagrams (HV, MV, BT, emergency)
    • Storage of raw materials (sand, cullet, soda)
    • Cutting line
    • Cullet circuit
    • Batch plant
  • Assistance with the purchase of the cullet circuit and composition workshop batches
    • Specifications
    • Process diagrams
    • Implementation plans
    • Performance
    • Meetings with suppliers to explain the consultation file
    • Answers to suppliers during the call for tenders
    • Comparisons of supplier offers
    • Bid alignment meetings
    • Technical assistance to the customer in the choice of supplier
  • Planning, establishment and follow-up of the planning of the whole project, including:
    • The study phase
    • The supply phase (purchase, delivery)
    • The construction phase
    • The commissioning phase

Total amount of the project :

Range A < 10 M€
Range B : between 10 and 20 M€
Range C : between 20 and 50 M€
Range D > 50 M€

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