Audit, improvement, reliability and debottlenecking of the wastewater treatment plant

Location : Fos-sur-Mer (13)
Project phases: Feasibility studies
Study period: 2 months

Evere, a subsidiary of the Spanish group Urbaser, is a multifunctional treatment centre for household waste by sorting, organic recovery and energy recovery. Organic recovery is done by methanisation in digesters. The liquid fraction of the material leaving the digesters is sent to the treatment plant

Project context: The treatment plant is at the limit of capacity and performance. It must be debottlenecked to cope with the future increase in the volume of waste to be treated

Emdelen Mission:

  • Installation audit
    • Analysis of the current operation (flow rate, pH, COD, MeS, nitrogen, O2, Fe content)
    • Loads applied already close to design values
    • Average nitrogen concentration too high
    • TSS content too high for aerobic treatment
    • Carbon deficit
    • Excessive iron content for ultra-filtration membranes
    • Anaerobic buffer tank
    • Limiting anoxic basin volume for the average nitrogen flow
    • Sludge age too old
  • Based on the conclusions of the audit (confirmed by our laboratory tests), proposals to Evere for the following modifications:
    • Implementation of a redox control in the buffer tank
    • Control of the hydro-ejector of the buffer basin with redox
    • Installation of an aeration of the anoxic basin controlled by a redox probe
    • Separation of biomass (to protect the membranes from ultra filtration) by the installation of a clarifier and tanks for re-aeration, degassing and flocculation upstream
    • Recycling of clarifying sludge to anoxic basin
    • Finishing treatment of the hard COD on activated carbon filter
  • Realization of PIDs, 3D model, functional analysis, equipment specifications, layout plans and civil engineering guide plans of the clarifier
  • Recommendations on operating parameters (redox, oxygen in aeration, methanol dosage, sludge recycling rate, pH)
  • CAPEX, OPEX and planning

Total amount of the project :

Range A < €10 million
Range B: between €10 and €20 million
Range C: between €20 and €50 million
Range D > €50 million

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