Studies of silicon purification plants

Phases : Basic and detailed design studies and implementation
Duration of projects : 6 month

Our client is one of the oldest electro-metallurgy plants, producing 30,000 tons of silicon each year for the silicon and photovoltaic industry.

For these projects, our customers has entrusted EMDELEN with the following studies :

  • General detailed design study
    • Guide plans for integration in buildings
    • Balance sheet and process diagram for all fluids
    • Balance sheet and single line electrical diagrams
    • Process schematics
    • Mechanical plans
    • Functional and risk analyses
    • Subdivision
    • Purchasing specifications
    • Order assistance
  • Implementation phase
    • Follow-up of subcontractors’ studies
    • Synthesis
    • Pre-operational checks
    • Commissioning

Total amount of the project:

Range A <10 M €
Range B: between 10 and 20 M €
Range C: between 20 and 50 M €
Range D> 50 M €

You can find our different realisations in the metallurgy industry by clicking on the link.