Audit, improvement, reliability and debottlenecking of an effluent treatment plant

Project phases: Feasibility studies
Study period: 3 months

Emdelen Mission :

  • Pilot laboratory tests
    • Physico-chemical treatment and determination of optimal settling speed
    • FeCl3 coagulation at different dosages and comparison with the coagulant used
    • Sludge filtration
    • Multi-pH regulation with soda and lime milk
  • Installation audit
    • Non-optimized on/off operation with large flow variation
    • Lack of pH regulation
    • Decanter at the capacity limit
    • High water consumption for washing the belt filter press
  • On the basis of the audit and the results of the laboratory tests, our client is proposing the following modifications:
    • Installation of a buffer basin upstream of the station for smoothing incoming effluent
    • Mixing and homogenization of sludge pressing filter returns
    • Packaging with ferric chloride (coagulant) and lime milk (pH regulation) which makes it unnecessary to use the floating function downstream of the settling tank
    • Decrease in settling speed by splitting settling structures by placing the settling tank and the modified existing floating tank in parallel (transformation of the floating operation into a settling tank)
    • Recycling of sludge in flocculation tanks
    • Replacement of the belt filter press by a 100-litre tray filter press
    • Installation of sand filters
  • Expected results: TSS < 10 mg/l, sludge dryness 60%.
  • Implementation of PIDs, functional analysis, implementation plans
  • Sizing of the building’s structural modifications to accommodate new equipment
  • CAPEX, OPEX and planning

Total amount of the project :

Range A < €10 million
Range B: between €10 and €20 million
Range C: between €20 and €50 million
Range D > €50 million

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