Installation of a station for the recovery of precious metals contained in liquid effluents from catalyst production workshops

Location: Salindres (30)
Project phase: Study, implementation and start-up
Project duration: 18 months

Studies :

  • Definition and validation of the treatment process with laboratory tests (physico-chemical treatment completed by an ozonation stage)
  • Carrying out material and thermal balances, PID (piping instrument diagram)
  • Participation in HAZOP (Hazard and Operability analysis)
  • Sizing of all equipment and drafting and follow-up of consultation files up to the selection of the supplier
  • Identification of effluent collection points in the various workshops
  • Installation of the station in the existing one with installation of an extension
  • Drafting of work specifications (civil engineering, structure and framework, piping)
  • CAPEX and implementation planning

Realization and start-up :

  • Execution studies and follow-up of suppliers during the studies
  • Writing of the functional analysis and all documentation for the start-up and operation of the station
  • Assistance in starting up and adjusting the installation

Total amount of the project : 

Range A < 10 M€
Range B : between 10 and 20 M€
Range C : between 20 and 50 M€
Range D > 50 M€

Note: installation of a complete ozonation system using compressed air

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